Hi, I’m Prashant Tewatia.

I was born in Harayana, north India, but have made my home down south in Goa for over a decade now.

Yoga has thread its way through out my entire life in varying degrees. From childhood, watching my grandfather practicing sun salutations each and every morning, to now where it exists as the forefront guiding force of my life. It took me leaving home for college for yogas influence to really take precedence in my life. I find that to be the case quite often, as the saying goes; you don’t know what you’ve got till it gone. Studying in Ireland, seeing the curiosity of others in something that became so normal in my life made me realize just how special the practice is, just how necessary it is to integrate into our lives.

Upon returning home to India yoga was settled as my life’s mission, to be a lifelong learner and teacher of yoga, martial arts, chi gung and other somatic energy practices.

Iyengar & Qi Gong Fusion Retreat: A Journey to Mindful Movement


With Bruno and Prashant


19th Jan 2025 to 26th Jan 2025 in Goa (1 week)

Throughout the retreat, Bruno and Prashant will guide you through a harmonious fusion of these ancient disciplines. Each day unfolds with a balance of Qi Gong and Iyengar Yoga practices, tailored to nurture your well-being and deepen your understanding.

Whether you seek to enhance your yoga practice or explore the healing power of Qi Gong, our retreat offers you the space for growth, rejuvenation, and self-discovery. Come, embark on this enriching journey, and awaken to the boundless possibilities that await within you.

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Udaan in Hindi means flight. We relate with this in our Yoga practice as it also require us to move upwards and onwards.

Inspired by the therapeutic aspects of both ancient and modern forms of Yoga and other disciplines, Udaan Yoga and Movement Clinic was created to bring a system of transformational Yoga.

In that mission, we are offering and fascilitating Yoga & Movement Classes and Workshops, Yoga Intensive Courses and Yoga Continuous Education Program Courses for Yoga teachersand practicioners in Goa and in Europe.

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For both beginners and advanced practitioners/teachers, our approach is to create a healthy way of practising asana and all forms of movement arts and healing practices …

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Workshops & Courses


Through a curiosity in different modalities, our team has delved into the techniques of Yoga, Qi Gong, MMA as well as the medical and anatomical understanding of the human body…

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We want our students to be responsible, professionals in their field. Thats why it is our heart-project to provide high-quality training only from professional teachers.

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Udaan YMC exclusive retreats are being hosted in handpicked venues around North-Goa and Europe. Within our individually created, holistic program we will offer themed…

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