I practice Yoga for several years with several teachers. I took 2 private lessons with Prashant (I strongly recommend 90 minutes courses instead of 60 minutes). During the 2 lessons, we have been through some basics but still very important positions (not many but in-depth in 5 or 6 positions maximum). I never had such an experience. Prashant is a fantastic teacher. He has a detailed knowledge of yoga and the effect on the human body and soul. It has really been a relief and a strong upgrade for my daily practice. I still apply his recommendation several months after…. In short: highly recommended if you want to improve your yoga practice… Maxime Chalot 

Prashant is my favourite yoga instructor on the planet!! A 90-minute session with him, not only makes my body feel INCREDIBLE, it’s often a sweet highlight of my day. He understands the body, he’s fun and professional and I highly recommend privates with him to Everyone!! – Elissa Kravetz, Los Angeles