Udaan Y.M.C. is a private runned, home-based studio. Our open air yoga studio (shala) is surrounded by lush greenery, trees and colourful flowers, in the middle of a beautiful natural surrounding to relax and enjoy the sound of nature, tropical birds and playful monkeys while being present in your practice.

We are dedicated to movement education, a healthy and intelligent way of practicing different movement arts and an holistic approach for body, mind & soul. In that mission, we are offering and fascilitating Yoga & Movement Classes and Workshops, Yoga Intensive Courses and Yoga Continuous Education Program Courses for Yoga teachers- and practicioners.

Our philosophy is to bring a holistic, disciplined and playful quality to yoga and movement, facilitating the birthright of our clients to reach their optimal health in body, mind and soul. We thrive in curating and deconstructing the yoga practice in a personalised manner so each practitioner can experience comfort and joy that enlivens the senses.

For both beginners and seasoned teachers, bodyworkers and therapists, our approach is to create a healthy way of practising asana and other forms of movement.

Through a curiosity in other modalities, our team has delved into the techniques of modern & ancient forms of Yoga, Yoga Therapy, Qi Gong, Martial Arts as well as the medical and anatomical understanding of the human body.

Udaan Y.M.C. allows for an integrative approach that combines aligned movement, deep meditation techniques and curious play for an embodied and well-rounded experience.

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