We really believe in the concept of PT, that’s why we offer private sessions, specially adapted to your unique body. A private session is designed with us by you, for you to prioritize your needs, goals and wishes. This program is perfect if you want to start with- or deepen and develop your practice and techniques or if you want to work on a health-related problem. It invites you to become aware of repetitive and habitual patterns that cause pain and imbalances. A private session will help you develop self-confidence, ease and lightness in your practice.

Private sessions are also recommended for people struggling with: stress, injuries, back pain, lack of energy, bad posture, emotional disbalance, knee-pain, neck-pain and rehabilitation.

Private classes can be shared by a maximum of three people.

It’s possible to have private classes at your home. Price on request.

Personal Yoga Training 1

Personal Yoga Training 2