For beginners, experienced practitioners as well as for seasoned teachers, our approach is to create a healthy way of practising yoga asana and all different kinds of movement arts with a holistic approach to the whole system of body, mind & soul.

Through a curiosity in different modalities, our team has delved into the techniques of Yoga Therapy, Qi Gong, Martial Arts as well as the medical and anatomical understanding of the human body.

Our signature is to combine therapeutical Yoga, powerful Functional Training and playful alternative Movement Practices to bring health, strength, flexibility and joy in all parts of the physical body and subtle and ancient practices for a balanced mind.

Our training allows for an integrative approach that combines aligned movement, deep meditation techniques and curious play for an embodied and well-rounded experience.

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Medical Yoga Therapy

With the help of props such as belts, ropes at the wall, chairs and blocks, alternate active and passive stretching of the muscles, Yoga Therapy gives health, flexibility …

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We are offering various styles of Yoga practices, alignment-based, therapeutic and dynamic. So in the Yoga sessions we offer, you can find modern influences with anatomical …

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The word Qi Gong is composed of two Chinese ideograms: Qi: breath, prana, life force energy; and Gong: representing the work, the means utilised, as well as the mastering …

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Pilates, or – the art of controlled movement (Contrology), is a systematic whole-body training to mobilise the joints and to strengthen the muscles, primarily of the pelvic floor …

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Functional Training

Functional training

Functional training attempts to adapt or develop exercises for every muscle group of the body in a functional way, that allows you to perform your practice with more quality …

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Would you like to experience meditation techniques? Meditation is spiritually practised in many religions and cultures, considered a basic and central mind-expanding exercise …

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Sound Healing – Singing Bowl Therapy

Sound healing therapy uses sound to improve your physical and emotional health and wellbeing. Singing bowl therapy dates back to the 12th century and has been used for …

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Personal Yoga Training

Personal Training

We really believe in the concept of PT, that’s why we offer private sessions, specially adapted to your unique body. A private session is designed with us by you, for you to prioritize …

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Counselling – Coaching

Counselling – Coaching

When starting your training, we recommend starting with a coaching session to create your unique program, looking at your skills and your potentials. We can recommend …

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Body & Massage Workshop 5

Bodywork & Massage

In this technique, we are using hands, knuckles, fists and fingers to awaken and warm up the muscles and tissues, to reach to the deeper layers of the body, we also apply gently …

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